Analysis of the international competitiveness of China's tablet press industry

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of my country's modern industry, the pharmaceutical industry has become more and more important in my country's industry. Accordingly, the pharmaceutical machinery industry began to develop rapidly. But compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap.


Pharmaceutical film coating may become a new hot spot in the industry

Introduction: Film coating machine is an indispensable mechanical equipment for the development of modern pharmaceutical industry. Although it has only started to develop in my country in recent years, it has developed rapidly with its many advantages and has become the pharmaceutical industry. The "new hot spot" has made a great contribution to the health of the masses of people in modern society.


Comparison of tablet feeding methods

The feeding system of the tablet press is generally divided into three types: the shoe feeding system of the single punching machine, the monthly feed system of the ordinary low-speed rotary tablet press, and the forced feeding system of the partial press. High speed and high speed tablet press.

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